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but they make our lives whole.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PONS change coat at about 8 – 12 months of age.  During this period, they mat faster than you can brush.

The most common reason a mat occurs is dead hair that drops and becomes entangled in the coat.  Never bath a matted PON without detangling before. Dirty coats mats more easily, so be sure to bath your dog when its necessary. The likely areas for matting are around the neck and ears, underbelly area inside the legs and under the foot pads. Never pull or rip at a mat because the hair will break. Use a cap of cream conditioner in a spray bottle, saturate the mat and leave it in for a few minutes. Separate the hairs with your fingers and comb out with a comb. Work from the end of the mat backwards to the skin separating each little section and hair. It needs time but you will save every little hair. If a mat is dense and has significant loose hair entangled, saturate it with undiluted conditioner and wait a few minutes. Use your fingers to separate, then take a brush and brush it out carefully. Never pull on the hair.

To get a beautiful coat you will need a soft brush with flexible pins, I use different brushes, mostly a Mason Pearson Brush  and a metal Spratt Comb Nr. 66 with wide teeth. The amount of brushing required for an adult coat depends on the texture of the coat.

Never brush a totally dry coat. This will cause breakage. Spray the hair slightly with a bottle filled with warm water and a cap of conditioner for coarse hair or another detangling spray of your choice.  The coat should be brushed out in layers from the hair ends to the roots and working from the bottom up. Use your fingers to pull matted hair apart.

Begin with the feet, legs, and belly, brushing upward to the skin. Pay special attention to the areas inside the legs and around the neck and ears, to the face and ears. Clean the inside corners of the eyes with a piece of cotton soaked in warm water. Use a comb on the mustache and below the ears.

Brush before every bath because if you have left a small matt, it will be a huge tangle after bathing.

Keeping a PON’s white areas white is not easy, but these tipps will help. I use Buddy Bowls for water, this helps keeping the mustache hair dry, add one small spoon of good Apple Cider Vinegear to the water

Periodic bathing is important and when a puppy or adult PON is dirty they need a bath. Learn the puppy early enough to stay in the bathing tube and show the puppy the blowdryer, turn on the blow dryer and play with the puppy beside, later it is not afraid of the noise.
No one wants to be around a smelly dirty dog. Bath your PON with your shampoo of choice. I use a good shampoo for coarse coat. If the whites are extremely dirty for some reason add shampoo twice and rinse very well. Applying shampoo is easier with a mixing bottle, you can buy it at groomers stores or use an empty plastic bottle with snap lock.

Never rub too much, let the shampoo in for a few minutes and rinse out very well with warm water to ensure that all the shampoo is out and the coat is again thoroughly wet down to the skin.

After that you can use a good conditioner, but take care not to use one that softens the coat, order a conditioner for coarse coat.

Make sure the coat is dry before you let the dog out, because wet hair is quickly stained again.

For the muzzle hair you can use baby powder for cleaning, apply it with a makeup brush. It dries any remaining moisture and whitens the hair.

Another method is baking soda mixed with a small amount of water to make a paste and then rub into the stained white areas, it will remove some stains.

Also available are enzymatic shampoos to clean stained areas.

For me the best is filtered water in a Buddy Bowl, it avoids staining. I also put one teaspoon biological white vinegar into one liter water, but please take a good one, like Braggs. ( Amazon)

EYES: Daily care is the cleaning of the eyes. The eye internal angles are cleaned either with a dampened cotton wool PAD or released with a fine comb from secretion remainders. Never cut the hair around the eyes, the growing hair irritates the eyes, the dogs have long lashes, which keep the eyes free.

EARS: Once per week the ears are cleaned. In addition you can use an ear cleaning lotion from your veterinary. Pull out the hair with the fingers, more easy when you first add an ear powder. (the best earpowder for me is Thornit from UK)

CLAWS AND PAWS: Every few weeks the claws should be shortened. You must be very careful not to cut too short. Look how your breeder does it or an experienced dog owner. Also between the bundles and toes the hair is growing, the hair must be kept short there, that no dirt can make a knot which can result in inflammations or irritations.

Daily Care